Golden Ale

330 ml, abv 4,9 %

Two lightly roasted grains and a combination of english and slovakian hops give Tumagè Golden Ale a rich and satisfying flavour while a longer maturation period before bottling gives extra body and taste.

Aroma : Malt sweetness and caramel aromas
Flavour : Clean crisp flavor and good balance between hops & malt
Palate : Lighter and medium bitterness
Appearance : Light color


Golden Ale
Pale Ale

Pale Ale

330 ml, abv 4,9 %

The crips and refreshing taste of Tumagè Pale Ale comes from the combination of American cascade hops and two light grains, including unroasted pilsner malt from Europe which creates a lighter, aromatic beer.

Aroma : Fruity and malty aromas
Flavour : A mix fruit, hoppy, malty aromas and flavour
Palate : Fruity and hops bitterness
Appearance : Cloudy color


Red Ale

330 ml, abv 4,9 %

A traditional ale with complex flavour, Tumagè Red Ale is derivred from an old irish recipe using malted grains and two european hops which contribute to the rich coppery colour and fulness of flavour.

Aroma : Malty and lightfruitness aromas
Flavour  : malty, light hop and fruity flavor
Palate : Light bitterness
Appearance : Coppery color